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Autorisation de voyage électronique / Electronic Travel Authorization 🇨🇦

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Please fill in the information requested in this form carefully. Once payment has been made, please forward your passport photocopy to us so that we can cross-check the information and maximise your chances of obtaining the AVE.

eTA Canada reminder : Some nationalities do not need a visa for Canada, but must apply for an AVE (Electronic Travel Authorisation), the equivalent of the ESTA for the USA. The ETA is valid for 5 years, it allows for tourism or business stays for up to 180 days, or transit through Canada, until the associated passport expires. It allows tourism or business stays of up to 180 days, or transit through Canada. We advise you to make your request at least 3 days before your departure for Canada. It is preferable to obtain the AVE before to book a flight to Canada

Most applicants receive approval in a few minutes. However, some applications may take several days to process depending on the criteria of the Canadian authorities.


Data common to all travelers

If you are going there to work or study, the EVA is included in your agreement.
Be sure to indicate the date of arrival in Canada.

Choice of eVisa

Choose the visa that matches your initial information.

For more security and a better follow-up, the supporting documents will be sent by email 📧, once the payment is made, in response to the confirmation email we will send you.

✅ Official document from authorities, with secure payment, 24/7 support and protected data.
✅ Receipt of documents in the shortest possible time, with pro-active follow-up of files.
✅ Compliance of documents requested by the authorities, at no extra cost.
✅ A long distance departure? We keep your application and send you the document when the application can be filed.
✅ If the authorities refuse to issue the document, we will refund your payment in full.
✅ You have lost the document provided by our services? If it's an e-Visa, we'll send it back to you by email, free of charge.


Add all persons participating in the same trip to Canada, sharing the same arrival date and purpose of visit.

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Please read and check carefully the data you may have entered for travelers. If you make a mistake, you can go back and make changes. Please note that the authorities do not accept accents, hyphens and other punctuation marks. We can clean your entrances to meet this obligation.

You have applied for one or more electronic travel authorizations for arrival in Canada on and a departure on for the reason "".


You are now at the final stage of obtaining your AVEs for Canada. Once the form has been paid for, you will receive an email to acknowledge receipt of payment and to return the necessary identification documents to complete the travel documents.

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